A lot of you were asking if Aerick has always had a blue eye because you can’t recall that, and you’re right, he hasn’t, that’s a new design on him! He’s based on a paint quarter horse, and they can get blue eyes a little here and there and since Aerick already had a white eyebrow, it would be a waste to not give him a blue eye!
(Also I think I’ll change Sophie’s name to Sawyer, it appeals way more to me hrhh;;)




Nevermind is an adventure game where you are a physician who can use cutting-edge technology to venture into the the minds of psychological trauma patients. 

Your goal is to explore that world, and solve abstract puzzles that will reveal more and more about their hidden memories. The patient’s subconscious will try and lash back at you, however as you try and peel back the layers. 

These game uses biofeedback technology which means, it can detect when your scared or anxious by responding to your stress levels. This game will dynamically adapt, when it can tell your heart is racing. The more scared you get, the harder the game becomes.

Another great thing about this game is it’s therapeutic applications. It can help those with mild,severe stress, anxiety or PTSD. It can help them overcome their fears. Testing results have been positive so far, but further investigation is needed.